August 25, 2019


Vegetarian recipe: Stir-fried diced Shiitake mushroom with carrot and celery

Jan 31, 2019


A carrot
A celery
5 fresh Shiitake mushrooms
1 red hot pepper
a suspicion of bruised ginger and chopped garlic
Condiments: Salt and sugar
Cooking method: 
1. Peel the carrot and roughly dice it up. Chop the red hot pepper up.
2. Get rid of fibre of the celery and cut it into dices. Remove the bottom portion of Shiitake mushroom, rinse the cap off and dice up as well.
3. In a wok, add a drizzle of oil, when hot, drop in bruised ginger, chopped garlic and stir till fragrant. Then drop in diced carrot and stir for 1 minute, after that, blend with Shiitake mushroom dices and fry till soft, finally let celery dices join in and go on the heat for 1-2 minutes.
4. Season to taste with a dash of salt and sugar. Serve.
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