Recipe for a new year, keep the buttons up

Dec 15, 2020

Recipe for a new year, keep the buttons up!

March 2020. Everything looks good and I have got my pocket full of tickets. Flights all over Europe and many visits to make.
But a week later everything looked different and still does.
Corona is sweeping over the world and people do not know what to do. Traveling has come to a stand still and most of the consulting is done over the phone.
But does it have good sides too?
Fortunately, so. It is a proven fact that corona has less chance to infect you if you are in a good state of mind in a fit body. Or at least the symptoms are less severe.
For most people in this modern world that is a bit of a problem. A great deal of mankind has a problem with being too heavy and is suffering from obesitas.
And just this morning I heard that loosing 5% of bodyweight (if you are too heavy) means already a big boost to your immune system.
So, go outside, exercise and eat good food.
And it is a proven fact that mushrooms exactly fit into that diet.
Mushrooms are low in fat, rich in vitamins (vitamin B and D even more in brown Agaricus)and they are loaded with complex carbo hydrates.
A good reason to eat mushrooms and use it as advertising. Countries as Spain and Hungary are already doing this on a large scale and I am sure many other countries do the same.
But it can be a lot more. If I just look at Holland, the consumption is still very low and that can only be changed if we as growers tell about the health aspects of our product.
And of course, the taste is good.
To give an example I would like to share a recipe with you.

Mushroom Gougère. (serves 6)
Melt 75 grams of butter in a pot.
Add 2,25 dl of water and bring to the boil.
Add 100 grams of wholemeal flower at once and mix well.
Mix till the dough lets go of the side of the pot.
Let cool a bit and then mix in 3 eggs, one by one.
If the dough is smooth, mix in 75 grams of grated cheddar cheese.
Put the dough into an oven dish. Leave the middle open. Put the dough only on the outside rim.

Then put some oil in a skillet and fry 2 chopped onions.
Add 2 cloves of chopped garlic and I kilo of sliced mushrooms.
Add one spoon of wholemeal flower and 2 dl of vegetable broth.
Bring to the boil for 3 minutes till the mix thickens.
Then add 200 grams of chopped walnuts and 2 spoons of chopped parsley.
Ad pepper and salt to your liking.
Put this mix in the middle of the dough in the oven dish
Cook this in the oven at 200° for 40 to 45 minutes.

If you share this recipe with your clients you might sell a lot more mushrooms and create a healthy and good world.

Best wishes for 2021 and stay healthy.

Henk van Gerwen

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