On July 17, Morel mushrooms artificially cultivated in Maosheng Agricultural Products Cooperative are evolving into picking time, growers are busy with mushroom picking and sorting.

“Morel mushrooms enjoy fresh and pollution-free air and drink sweet mountain spring water in our cooperative,” said Mr. Zhang Dianyong, person in charge of the cooperative passionately, adding that fresh Morel mushrooms cultivated in the cooperative could be sold at 300 CNY per kg, mu profit is considerable. And, the cooperative also drives 30 local poor households to launch into Morel mushroom farming and help generate handsome revenues.


On May 28, a batch of artificially-cultivated dried Morel mushrooms weighting 500 kg and valuing 100,000 USD were exported to Switzerland from Gansu Qingzangyuan Biotechnology Development Co., LTD for the first time.

CEMBN Morel mushrooms valuing Swiss market Gansu Province China 2

“Thanks to the great help and support from technical center of Lanzhou Customs which accomplished the filling work in only 7 days after our application, and it indeed ensured our mushroom export a success,” said related person in charge of Gansu Qingzangyuan Biotechnology Development Co., LTD excitedly, going on that by now, the company has signed an intentional export order of dried Morel mushroom that totals 5 tons.

In recent days, farmers working in Hebei Longtai Mushroom Base owned by Hebei Longtai Agricultural Technology Co., LTD are engaged with picking, packing and marketing of Morel mushroom.

CEMBN In shed farmers grow rare mushroom gain 5000 CNY profits 2

“At present, fresh Morel mushrooms could be sold at 130-160 CNY per kg. And, price of dried Morel mushroom could hit 2000 CNY per kg. In each shed, picking volume reaches 200 kg while profits come to at least 5000 CNY,” introduces Mr. Zhao Wanhui, general manager of Longtai Company, adding that the purpose of growing this kind of rare mushroom is to let the land produce more benefits. As a kind of high-end fungus food, Morel mushroom holds high economic benefits, bright market prospect, and it is worthy to be developed.

Recently, in Pingxing Village, Dafang County, Guizhou Province of China, Morel mushrooms artificially cultivated in greenhouse are evolving into the maturation, growers are engaged with picking work.

“Over the years, considering local characteristics of high altitude, low temperature and fertile soil, government of Dafang County has been positively expanding the development of Morel mushroom industry. By now, 325 mushroom greenhouses have been built, annual output value could come up to over 4 million CNY. Besides, by farming Morel mushrooms, at least 300 households have been leaded to generate incomes and grow rich,” introduces one of local villagers warmly, going on that Morel mushrooms artificially cultivated in Pingxing Village are well received by consumers in Guangdong, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Sichuan and other provinces and cities in China.

CEMBN annual output value Morel cultivation hits 4 million CNY detail

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