10 Facts about mushrooms that are bound to grow on you

Sep 18, 2020


  1. Fungus can cure disease - 1929 Penicillin, an antibiotic was produced from a mold called ‘Penicillium Chrysogenum’ that is also a fungus.
  2. Fungi cell walls are made of chitin, not cellulose like plants.
  3. Mushrooms are more like people than plants. They have their own immune system that can produce vitamin D when exposed to sunlight.
  4. Mushrooms are almost entirely made of water and are excellent sources of B vitamins, selenium, and vitamin K.
  5. There are over 70,000 known species of fungus.
  6. The largest fungus on the planet is a honey mushroom in the Blue Mountains of Oregon stretching across 2384 acres and is estimated to be between 2400 and 8650 years old!
  7. At least 350 species are consumed as food.
  8. Mushrooms can be made into boards, fibers, even boats.
  9. A fungus has been discovered that breaks down plastic in weeks instead of years.
  10. Some mushrooms can breathe; Ganoderma Lucidum commonly known as the lingzi mushroom, respires oxygen in and carbon dioxide out.


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