Dirty bunker pipes

Apr 02, 2024

Not hard to imagine that reduced air flow going into the compost is not good for the quality of the compost. To maintain high-quality compost, it's crucial to keep the pipes under the bunker floor clean and free from blockages. Blocked pipes can lead to water accumulation on the bunker floor as the water will not drain, and create anaerobic conditions, harming the composting process. Set up a routine to clean all the pipes thoroughly every three months. Use a hose to flush out any dirt and debris, ensuring proper airflow throughout the composting process.

Ensuring thorough cleaning of the blocked pipes is crucial, as simply flushing them with water from front to back may not be sufficient. Despite water passing through, dirt can still accumulate inside the pipes. Achieving a satisfactory result involves reaching the end of the pipes with a hose and utilizing back pressure to dislodge any remaining debris. Attached below is a picture showing completely blocked pipes and the dirt extracted from some of them. This visual evidence underscores the necessity of meticulous cleaning to maintain optimal functioning of the composting process.









When pipes get blocked in composting systems, some issues can pop up. You might see wet spots and areas without enough air (anaerobic zones) in the compost. This happens because the airflow needed for composting gets messed
up. When pipes are blocked, air can't move properly, making some parts of the compost lack oxygen. It will also be visible in the pressure on the bunker floor being reduced. All this isn't good for composting and can cause bad smells and slow decomposition.

It's important to be safe when dealing with blocked pipes in composting systems. Wear a good face mask to protect yourself from harmful gases that can build up in blocked pipes over time. Also, make sure to keep the area well-ventilated and follow safety rules to avoid accidents.

Erik de Groot
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