Today we welcome Mertens Mushrooms on board!

Jun 24, 2021

We are happy to announce that Mertens Mushrooms from Holland has joined our mushroom community!

As a dedicated supplier, Mertens believes in good cooperation towards a healthy growth for every business. The company is well versed in professional agriculture, garden retail and landscaping, and passionately shares its expertise. From its roots in Limburg (The Netherlands), Mertens has developed into a down-to-earth, involved, and most of all reliable and knowledgeable partner.

Mertens has almost 70 years of experience, relies on a team of about 130 permanent employees, has its own vehicle fleet and over 7,000 products in stock. From this basis, Mertens has managed to acquire a leading position in the mushroom sector. When it comes to mushrooms, Mertens is even the world’s biggest player. Our team is active in 41 countries, spread over six continents.

Focus on prevention
Mertens offers a complete package of products for growers and tunnel companies: biocontrol, films, cultivation, compost and sliding mats, fogging equipment, scales and hygiene products. Mertens’ range clearly reflects the trends and developments within the sector, in which prevention is now paramount. Today crop protection products, mainly biological, are only used when absolutely necessary. An example of prevention within mushroom cultivation is the use of nematodes; this worm species plays an important role in the control of mosquitoes in cultivation. Mertens has guided growers intensively in the application of these nematodes. To be able to inform its customers in the best possible way, Mertens ensures that its own expertise is always kept up-to-date.

International growth
From its roots in Limburg (The Netherlands), Mertens’ mushroom branch has increasingly focused abroad. Mertens is now also active in the growing mushroom market China, often indirectly through other supplies or consultants. This is a logical development, knowing that the number of Dutch mushroom growers has decreased drastically in recent years. The extensive online communication possibilities facilitate remote contact. In addition, the Mertens website is a source of information and provides a sophisticated ordering system for both domestic and foreign customers. Among other things, mushroom growers can find order lists, safety sheets and product information here. Online sales have grown strongly in the last few years, but Mertens also attaches great value to personal contact.

Mertens is ready to help you!
Moving with the times, synergy with other sectors, cooperation, flexibility, adaptation to market needs… These are the characteristics that have brought Mertens to where it is today, and all this is combined with expert advice.
Meet our Mushroom Team! They will be happy to help you.

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