According to mushroom quotation provided by Liaoning Dandong Vegetable Wholesale Market, on July 8, Shiitake mushroom, Superior Shiitake mushroom, Button mushroom and Agrocybe cylindracea are 4 varieties that show price fall.

1. Price of Shiitake mushroom has dropped from 10 to 8 CNY per kg, indicating 20% of decline range.

2. Price of Superior Shiitake mushroom has dropped from 14 to 12 CNY per kg, indicating 14% of decline range.

3. Price of Button mushroom has dropped from 18 to 16 CNY per kg, indicating 11% of decline range.

4. Price of Agrocybe cylindracea has dropped from 14 to 12 CNY per kg, indicating 14% of decline range.

On the contrary, on July 8, Oyster mushroom, King oyster mushroom, Enoki mushroom and Cordyceps militaris are 4 varieties that show price rise.

1. Price of Oyster mushroom has risen from 8 to 16 CNY per kg, indicating 100% of increase range.

2. Price of King oyster mushroom has risen from 6.5 to 7 CNY per kg, indicating 7% of increase range.

3. Price of Enoki mushroom has risen from 4 to 4.5 CNY per kg, indicating 12% of increase range.

4. Price of Cordyceps militaris has risen from 14 to 16 CNY per kg, indicating 14% of increase range.

“Price of White beech mushroom and Brown Shimeji mushroom is respectively at 8.3 and 8.33 CNY per kg in our market,” introduces general manager of Liaoning Dandong Vegetable Wholesale Market passionately.

On July 7, in mushroom base located in Xiongjiachang Town, Bijie City, Guizhou Province of China, Bamboo fungi cultivated in 550 mu of area are in picking season, growers are busy with picking, management and drying work.

“According to the estimation, this year, output of fresh Bamboo fungus could reach at least 500,000 kg, in accordance with the proportion of 7 to 1, the expected output on dried Bamboo fungus totals 7000 kg. To calculate by the present market price of 600 CNY per kg on dried products, the projected gross incomes could come to over 42 million CNY by 2020,” introduces Mr. Yang Tianhong, person in charge of the base warmly, going on that each day, the base organizes nearly 50 farmers to grow and manage Bamboo fungus, and they can get the per capita incomes of 300 CNY per day.


Morel mushrooms are packed with unique fragrance, complete functions and evident effect to food therapy. This kind of mushroom holds the efficacy of tonifying kidney and brain, refreshing while it shows good auxiliary therapeutic effects on dizziness insomnia, weakness of the spleen and the stomach, indigestion and poor appetite. Besides, Morel mushroom also helps prevent and fight with cancer, ward off colds, enhance the immune system and hence it medically shows crucial development value.

Now, in China, market price of dried Morel mushroom is at 1600-2000 CNY per kg. In western European countries, Morels are extremely in tight supply and high price.

Unlike other mushrooms, Morel mushrooms hold poor adaptability, and poor stability in the case of alien cultivation. Therefore, strains isolated by local Morel variety match local surrounding, eliminate the regional differences and influences resulted from long-distance purchasing or the course of mailing.

Wild Morels could be largely foraged during March to May after the rain while they occasionally pop in during August to September in small quantities.

Morel mushrooms hold long growth period, apart from low temperature, they also require large temperature difference that stimulates the differentiation of mycelia.

When water content of soil is lower than 40%, growth of Morel mushroom would be affected. As fruiting bodies substantially occur, relative air humidity in forest is at 80% and general water content of soil is at a range of 40%-50%. Besides, suitable PH Value that fits for growth of Morel mushroom is 7-8, weak scattered light also impels the growth of fruiting bodies.

However, strong direct sunlight does adverse impact to the growth of More;s. In early spring, growers could timely spray water in dry circumstance, and keep soil moist, or growth of fruiting bodies would be restricted. In a word, in early spring, temperature and humidity of growing environment are key elements that guarantee the success of Morels cultivation.


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