Go on a Morel hunt!

Mar 30, 2021

Spring is back in the country and that is the start of the morel season. A good knife and a sharp eye are all it takes to harvest delicious morels.

The morels are mushrooms that grow in the spring. Morels have a spongy, pointed hat that is reminiscent of a honeycomb. Raw morels are poisonous and only edible after heating. The taste of the morels is spicy. Morels are full of fiber and minerals and are therefore also good for your health.

If you plan to do your own research, read carefully so that you don't pick a poisonous species. When collecting morels use a flat box, basket or net bag. Don't use plastic bags as the morels will start to spoil before you bring them home. Another reason is that the spores must be able to fall back to the ground so that new morels will grow again next year. Morels are often found around dead and dying trees. Think of oak, ash and elm. But an old apple orchard is also a good hunting ground.

There are many ways to cook morels, but baking them in butter brings out their rich, almost meaty flavor. You can make it a real springtime celebration by serving them with asparagus during this time of year.

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