Button Mushrooms vs. Shiitake Mushrooms

Jan 26, 2023

Button mushrooms and shiitake mushrooms are two of the most popular types of mushrooms, and ones that you can easily find at a grocery store or in a list of ingredients for tasty pasta dishes or soups. However, knowing which species to use can be confusing. Many people are not familiar with the differences in how mushrooms are cultivated and do not know how to identify their different flavors. When should you use a button mushroom? If you don’t like the taste of a shiitake, should you assume that you will not enjoy a button mushroom either?

Though button mushrooms and shiitake mushrooms are two of the most well-known and widespread species, if you can’t tell them apart, you are not alone! This article compares and contrasts the appearance, history, taste, and uses of each. By the end, you will know how to identify each and understand some of their major similarities and differences. Let’s learn about these two mushrooms now!

Source: A to Z Animals

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