Would you like to publish an advertorial here?

Apr 09, 2019

What is an advertorial?

An advertorial is a form of advertisement and is more detailed and thus helps consumers understand more about the product or service. Advertorials are usually written by the clients themselves, if support is needed we our able to provide this. You can purchase the ad space on our website and/or in our newsletters. You don't have to be an advertiser on our platform to make use of this service, this might be a good opportunity for you if you want to publish ad hoc.

What is the price of an advertorial?

Price for an advertorial, including restyling and implementing text & photo materials, is € 295,00 excl. VAT
Also for a job offer or other kind of advertisement we offer at this price.

What are the rules of an advertorial?

- The word "Advertorial" will be noted in small letters in the article
- Article needs to be provided in plain text
- Photo's need to be send in good quality and separate from the text (not included in Word or other document formats)

How long is an advertorial visible?

An advertorial will be visible via “Global News” on our homepage and will stay there approximately one month.
It will also be published via our sub menu “Advertorials” where it will stay for one year.

For further questions, please contact our team!

You can reach us via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
and also by phone
Christel Derkx +31 (0)6 1364 9117
Maria Clarke +31 (0)6 1256 8560


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