Introducing RibbStyle Coatings: a new addition to Mushroom Matter

Dec 01, 2023

We are very pleased with this international player in the mushroom industry on our platform.

Here's some history on the company's inception
Cees Ribbens, a coatings manufacturer for the marine industry, was tasked with creating a gas-tight coating for refrigeration units around 50 years ago. His solution proved to be a success and the company expanded globally. After Mr. Ribbens' passing in the 1980s, his successor renamed the company 'RibbStyle,' meaning 'in the style of Ribbens.'

RibbStyle’s continued growth and dedicated team
Since their establishment, they have seen consistent growth and expansion. They currently have three branches and collaborate with distributors worldwide. Their goal is to continue expanding internationally, while remaining focused on local visibility and presence.

Their team
At their company, they have a team of twelve passionate employees. As a small business, they work very closely together and flexibility is a must. Their goal is to establish a welcoming and dependable environment for everyone they engage with.

Their commitment to quality
Quality is the cornerstone of their business. They utilize a multi-layer technique that includes a reinforcement layer. By combining these layers into a cohesive system, they provide their customers with a long-lasting solution. Furthermore, RibbStyle holds several certificates that highlight the standards they integrate into their daily operations.

RibbStyle's Expertise in Mushroom Cultivation
RibbStyle has a variety of branches, one of which specializes in mushroom cultivation. The process of growing mushrooms, such as mushrooms, is highly specialized, and creating the ideal growing climate is crucial. RibbStyle possesses the necessary knowledge and expertise to properly manage your compost tunnels and cultivation cells. They understand how important it is to have a vapor-tight coating to prevent disease and contamination. Additionally, they are well-equipped to handle repairs and maintenance to ensure your mushrooms are properly cared for.

More than just coatings
Having traveled around the world, the’ve seen both beautiful and prosperous places, as well as impoverished ones. In December 2010, a group of their enthusiastic colleagues established the ‘Color the World foundation’. The foundation's primary objective is to bring more color to the world by performing construction and painting work for the underprivileged.

To learn more about RibbStyle or get in touch with them, please check out their website.


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