New automatic picking lorries ready to enter the world

Feb 06, 2020

A new automatic picking lorrie was developed by Mush Comb with the focus on being absolutely picker friendly. Being friendly in use but for example also in maintenance. Each user confirms that the picking lorrie is remarkable easy made so no worries about for example hydraulic hoses breaking.

This started three years ago with Jasper Kanters from Kanters Paddestoelen. According to Jasper so far there was no picking lorries on the market which was friendly to work with. The practical growing and harvesting experience from a Dutch grower like Kanters was combined with the technology minded people from Mush Comb. A testing phase started which in the summer of 2017 resulted in 16 new automatic picking lorries.

It was the start of a new choice in picking lorries. First focus has been on automatic up/down picking lorries because growers saw most advantages in this function and often automatic forward/backward was not being used so why bother this extra investment.

In 2019 the product range was still expanded with full automatic up/down and driving to meet the requirements of each potential grower.

According to Bob Holtermans not only the high picking efficiency, high safety standard, practical use and low maintenance are the reason for the high demand of these picking lorries. It is in combination with the flexibility of Mush Comb. Because although the automatic picking lorries are made from the same basic principle each mushroom grower gets their own unique picking lorries. Customers have the possibility to consult with the engineers of Mush Comb with regard to packaging sizes, door spaces, etc. This to create the optimal working tool when it comes to assisting in the harvest.

The proof is given by all the growers which were convinced and have bought this new harvesting tool. Growers like:

  • Kanters Paddestoelen, Netherlands
  • Pleunis Mushrooms, Belgium
  • Jacobs Champignons, Netherlands
  • Peeters-Luyten, Netherlands
  • Lesage Champignons, Belgium
  • Van Nieuwenhoven-Steijvers, Netherlands
  • Vandechamp, Belgium
  • Agarica, Netherlands
  • Champignonkwekerij Dingemans, Netherlands
  • AK Champignons, Netherlands

Meaning the top of the manual harvesting industry in Netherlands and Belgium are convinced. This part of the world is still seen as great example for the rest of the world. Reason enough for growers worldwide to step in the footsteps of these great Dutch and Belgium mushroom growers.

Contact info from Mush Comb can be found on


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