Introducing Erik de Groot

Dec 15, 2018

glags picMy name is Erik de Groot and as of today I am writing a blog on this website with i hope, interesting articles for you to read.

Since I was a teenager I have worked with mushrooms so it has an important meaning in my life. I started working on farms as a picker, cleaner and whatever had to be done. Later I rented my own farm before I decided to go to work in bigger farms. I worked several years in the Netherlands and after a while I got involved in consultancy work. That really made a big change in my life, as I travelled all over the world working in several continents. Right now I have my own consultancy company named GLAGS, I live in California, USA and do consultancy work all around the globe with projects in China, Russia, Australia and several places in Europe.

My strong points are that my experience is very wide. From compost to harvesting and with the experience having worked on farms, it makes it easier to understand the difficulties that growers, composters and farm managers face.

Besides my consultancy work I write articles in several magazines and with this new blog I want to reach even more people in the industry with news and stories about the industry.
I hope you like it and any comment or suggestions can be send to my email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Erik de Groot
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