Using steam for humidifying

Apr 01, 2020

In many systems steam is used for humidifying the grow rooms. It’s a good solution to keep the right climate in the grow rooms but just keep the amount of steam going into the grow room under control. Let me explain what I mean by that.

Especially on the moment just after cool down we get a lot of steam in the grow rooms for humidity to keep the right, set humidity level. That also brings in a lot more heat in the room and especially in summer period that will give extra demand on your cooling. After some time, you will see in the computer that not only the steam valve will keep opening but the cooling as well, one will bring in humidity, the other will bring it down. The result is loss of energy and not a pleasant climate in the room with a RH level variating from very high too low, due to a lot of steam used by the climate control unit. It will be more visible under the air bags, where the steam comes out, and the RH on the growing surface will be higher. The mycelium will continue to grow there, if you compare it with the rest of the room, and less pins will grow out on those spots.

By simply wetting the floor the first 3 days after cool down you can minimize the steam by bringing in the extra moisture with the wet floors. You can do that 3 times/day if needed. Watch the steam demand in your climate computer and that will tell you if you need to wet the floor.

Erik de Groot
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