Green innovation in shiitake mushroom farming

Jun 19, 2024

In Xixia county, Henan province, a local factory has introduced high-temperature, high-pressure sterilizers to improve the production of mushroom spawn bags. These new devices enable the factory to produce nearly 50,000 bags daily, benefiting local shiitake mushroom growers.

Previously, farmers used coal for drying mushrooms and sterilizing spawn bags, leading to environmental issues. The switch to electrical devices has improved efficiency and reduced carbon emissions. Smart greenhouses now allow farmers to control growing conditions in real-time, further enhancing productivity.

To support these changes, the local power supplier has upgraded substations and transmission lines to meet the increased electricity demand. This green transformation is expected to save the county over 40 million yuan in production costs and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 70,000 to 90,000 tons annually, solidifying Xixia's status as a leading shiitake mushroom producer.

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Source: China Daily

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