RibbStyle explains: Renovating agricultural growing rooms

May 21, 2024

Maintaining a high relative humidity and warm temperature is essential for cultivating many crops, especially in controlled growing environments. Such a warm and moist climate is ideal for rapid plant growth but can also lead to challenges such as dirty walls and rust in the underlying structures. To address these issues, specialized vaportight coating systems are essential.

Request and Assessment

When approached for renovation projects, the first step is to visit the site to assess the necessary work activities. Often, there may already be a vaportight coating system in place that needs renewal. During the site visit, it is crucial to decide whether the existing coatings need to be replaced or reinforced. Typically, this involves applying a new layer of an indoor coating to the walls and sealing corner joints and window frames with a vaportight coating system.

Phasing the Renovation
Ribbstyle 1 renovationRenovating agricultural growing rooms must be done without disrupting ongoing activities. This often requires a phased approach, treating a few rooms at a time, usually about two per week. Ensuring the substrate is dry before applying the coating is vital to prevent moisture from getting trapped under the coating layer. If there is already a layer of coating, new applications can often be made immediately without a primer, except in the corners where a primer may be necessary on bare concrete.

Application Process
In corners, a primer is applied to the exposed concrete, followed by a layer of indoor coating reinforced with a fleece material to enhance durability.
A second layer of the indoor coating then seals the system, ensuring the desired vapour density and preventing moisture ingress.

Ribbstyle 2 renovationResults
Over the course of several weeks, multiple rooms can be treated to achieve a fully renovated environment. During such projects, issues like leakage in cavities can occur, causing floor joints to come loose. These must be treated promptly to ensure the integrity of the renovation. Once all rooms are treated, the result is a set of growing environments that maintain optimal conditions for plant growth while protecting structural elements from moisture and corrosion.

BEFORE AND AFTERAdditional Solutions
Many modern growing rooms are constructed with panels set in U-profiles, which are prone to rusting. Besides standard coatings, there are specialized products like ProFill Metal Coat designed to prevent or address corrosion. Detailed product information is available for
those needing advanced solutions to protect metal structures.

By using advanced coating systems and a carefully phased approach, agricultural growers can ensure their growing rooms remain in top condition, promoting healthy crop growth and extending the lifespan of their facilities.

For more information, please visit the website of RibbStyle.

Author: Mushroom Matter

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