UMDIS and Mushroom Matter

Aug 11, 2021

We are happy to announce that we have teamed up with the organization of the Ukrainian Mushroom Days as Information Partner. For more information about the event or registration, please visit their website here!

Furthermore we would like to introduce the organization of this event to our readers. UMDIS is one of the largest information agencies and communicational platforms for mushroom business in Eastern Europe and the only one in the Ukraine.
UMDIS is one of the biggest in Eastern Europe and the only one in Ukraine information agency and communicational platform for mushroom business.
95% of the mushroom producers in Ukraine and 90% of the mushroom producers in Russia are their audience who read UMDIS and participate in projects of UMDIS. 15% of UMDIS`s audience are Russian speaking mushroom producers from Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Moldova, and Poland.
UMDIS as a news agency has been operating since 2012. They publish news, analytics, interviews, publications on technology, etc. UMDIS organizes for mushroom producers number of courses, trips, consultations. Also UMDIS is the organizer of popular projects, such as “Series of Mushroom Web-Events”, project “Getting to know suppliers”, Exhibition-Conference Ukrainian Mushroom Days. Nowadays UMDIS Agency is trusted by Russian-speaking mushroom producers because it daily provides essential information, connects with colleagues, experts, and with trusted suppliers in the industry.

Why advertise via UMDIS?
The UMDIS Information agency`s website ( has 1200-1500 visits per day – nearly all visitors are target mushroom audience. Also, UMDIS manages popular mushroom channels, groups, deliveries.
Readers of UMDIS Mushroom Information Agency and participants of UMDIS projects are:
▪ owners and managers of mushroom farms;
▪ supply and sales teams;
▪ technologists and consultants;
▪ suppliers of mushroom market.

UMDIS is a good opportunity to instantly message and advertise to the whole Russian-speaking audience of mushroom farmers – or to the targeted audience according to the criteria you have.

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