GROWTIME business is rapidly expanding. Within the last two months our products (mushroom picking lorries) reached many countries, such as Canada, United Kingdom and Israel.

Due to new, large contracts, we are looking for experienced specialists to help produce our mushroom equipment, including our flagship product - mushroom picking lorries.

We are specifically searching for:
- TIG welders
- fitters

The position is offered in our Polish factory in Grudziadz (Lotnicza 21).

If you are interested in working for GROWTIME, please contact:

+48 513 129 339
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

or fill in the contact form on the website:

We welcome GROWTIME on board of Mushroom Matter! We are very pleased with this international player in the mushroom industry on our platform.
GROWTIME is a Polish based company who specializes in commercial mushroom farm equipment, especially mushroom picking lorries.
They have years of experience in the area of building machines to support production processes.
Most of their expertise has been gained while working on technical solutions to support industrial scale mushroom farming and harvesting.

Their flagship products help automate harvesting processes, while their full product range includes standard, off-the-shelf designs as well as machines tailored to individual requirements and dimensions.
Their quest for the optimal solution never stops, while balancing efficiency with durability of each of their products.

To learn more about GROWTIME, please visit their website here!

We are happy to announce that Lucky Grower from Poland has joined our mushroom community!

Lucky Grower is a professional company that equips mushroom farms around the world, and is known for their knowledge of the industry and understanding of their customer’s needs. The company specializes in picking lorries, growing nets, led lamps and shelvings.

Since 2002, they have been operating as a contractor for mushroom picking machines, but also for drilling rigs, specialized commercial vehicles or complex building structures.They have been subcontracted to several mushroom farm companies in Poland and abroad. They also provided a full range of equipment to more than 20 countries in Europe and other continents.

Please read more on their website here!

The export of mushrooms in retail packaging is going relatively well. Poland managed to maintain stable markets, but during certain periods, mainly in the spring time, when pandemic started, fewer shipments were made. The prices of mushrooms remained unchanged, according to the data of the Polish Association of the Cultivated Mushroom Industry.

75% of mushrooms produced in Poland goes abroad. In mushroom industry Poland is absolutely dependent on exports.

The situation has been very serious since spring. Particularly at the very beginning of the pandemic, there was great uncertainty. The more as in countries where large amounts were shipped, i.e. Germany, France, Italy and Great Britain, a lockdown was introduced. Schools, restaurants and hotels were closed. HoReCa suffered what meant lack of orders. The introduced restrictions, especially in Great Britain, made it very difficult to trade in mushrooms.

Production and trade

At the very beginning of the pandemic, manufacturers limited the production of substrate. After three weeks, there were significantly fewer mushrooms on the market. At the moment, the production of the substrate is relatively normal.

The pandemic has caused great instability in trade. Order for five cars suddenly turns into two cars. It is known that the mushrooms will sell out by Christmas, but then there is a 'dead period'.


Mushrooms are grown all year round. There is no seasonality in this industry. Production is very labor intensive, which means people are needed. This year, the great challenge was to find employees for mushroom picking. After all, Poland employs workers from the Eastern border in the entire horticultural sector. Currently, the situation is slowly normalizing.

Source: Ministerie van Landbouw, Natuur en Voedselkwaliteit

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