TenCate Toptex® Straw Cover

Mar 21, 2022

TenCate Nicolon nets (Tunnel-glide-growing nets) are known worldwide for its performance and reliability and became the standard for the mushroom composting and mushroom growing industry.

Besides the nets, TenCate produces TenCate Toptex® Straw Cover, the essential cover to protect your expensive straw and keep the high quality.

The main component of mushroom substrate/compost is wheat straw. Structure is one of the properties that straw brings to the compost and it also creates a water buffer. Due to the composting process the waxy layer surrounding the straw is removed and the straw is able to absorb water.

Thanks to its continuous fibers, the TenCate Toptex® fleece offers a very low water absorption capacity. Coupled with very fast drainage of rainwater and its enormously high air permeability, this fleece stands out as a permanently reliable and proven storage method. The protective fleece can be used on both sides. The UV and thermal stabilizers contained in the fleece keep it durable for many years, even under high solar radiation. A service life of over 10 years is not uncommon with careful handling. When covering, it is important to ensure optimum tensioning – the fleece must be tightly tensioned at all times.

TenCate Toptex® protection fabric protects straw bales reliably against wind and rain, providing effective respiration. The high quality of the straw is preserved throughout the whole winter season, drying off after heavy rainfall, and the development of mould is avoided.

THE BENEFITS OF TENCATE TOPTEX® (More information at www.toptex.eu)

  • Permeable to air and vapour (avoids mould development)
  • Water shedding (drains off water at slope angles >45°)
  • Resistant to wind lifting, the straw dries off even after heavy rainfallHigh tensile strength and tear resistance (withstands even strong winds)
  • UV stable

You can also watch their video here.

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