Recipe: Mushrooms with green pepper

Sep 09, 2019


300g Button mushrooms
1 green pepper
A handful of Black fungi
2 bowls of chicken stock, perferably homemade
Condiments: Salt, water starch, cooking wine and sesame oil

Cooking Steps: 

1. Rinse Button mushrooms off, cut into slices and go bleaching.
2. Soak Black fungi ahead of time, thoroughly rinse off and remove all impurities.
3. Go seed of the green pepper, rinse and then shred up.
4. In a wok, drizzle with moderate oil, when hot, drop in shredded green pepper and stir till fragrant, then blend with Button mushroom slices, Black fungus and toss about over high flame for 3 minutes or so. 
5. Adjust the seasoning with a pinch of salt, sprinkle with moderate cooking wine and pour in two bowls of chicken stock. Finally thicken the dish with the mixture of water and starch and drizzle it with sesame oil if you like. Serve and enjoy.
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