Sichuan Province: By growing Reishi mushrooms, 200,000 CNY of profits could be netted in 4 months

Jul 31, 2020


Now, in Wangyan Mushroom Base located in Sanfeng Town, Pengxi County, Sichuan Province of China, Reishi mushrooms are in desirable growth trend, farmers are busy with picking, airing and packing work with smiles hanging in the faces.

“This year, i input 400,000 CNY for the development of Reishi mushroom industry, to estimate by the present situation, 8 tons of dried Reishi mushrooms could be processed, the expected incomes could total 600,000 CNY, after getting rid of costs, 200,000 CNY of net profits could be netted,” introduces Ms. Wang Yan, person in charge of the base warmly, going on that next step, she plans to launch into deep processing industry and bring about a series of products such as Reishi Mushroom Powder and Reishi Mushroom Slices for consumers.


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