Shandong Huangshan Market: Analysis of Mushroom Price

Mar 04, 2020

According to mushroom quotation provided by Shandong Huangshan Vegetable & Fruit Wholesale Market, on March 4, Shiitake mushroom, King oyster mushroom, Button mushroom, Enoki mushroom, Brown Shimeji mushroom, White beech mushroom and Seafood mushroom are 7 varieties that show price fall.

1.Price of Shiitake mushroom has dropped from 12 to 10 CNY per kg, indicating 16% of decline range.

2.Price of King oyster mushroom has dropped from 8 to 7.5 CNY per kg, indicating 6% of decline range.

3.Price of Button mushroom has dropped from 10 to 8 CNY per kg, indicating 420% of decline range.

4.Price of Enoki mushroom has dropped from 7.5 to 4.5 CNY per kg, indicating 40% of decline range.

5.Price of Brown Shimeji mushroom has dropped from 20 to 15 CNY per kg, indicating 25% of decline range.

6.Price of White beech mushroom has dropped from 18.3 to 13.3 CNY per kg, indicating 27% of decline range.

7.Price of Seafood mushroom has dropped from 10 to 7 CNY per kg, indicating 30% of decline range.

“Price of Superior Shiitake mushroom and Oyster mushroom is respectively at 18 and 8 CNY per kg in our market,” introduces manager of Shandong Huangshan Vegetable & Fruit Wholesale Market.

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