Fruiting season of Grifola frondosa lightens the road of prosperity

Oct 23, 2019

Now, it is the fruiting time of Grifola frondosa in Huangtian Town, Qingyuan County, Zhejiang Province of China, with faces wreathed in smiles, growers are engaged with picking and drying work.

“Now, market price on fresh Grifola frondosa is at 24 CNY per kg while the dried form is sold at 80-100 CNY per kg,” introduces one of Grifola frondosa growers passionately.

Grifola frondosa is categorized into a kind of edible and rare mushroom which is known as Maitake mushroom in China. Cultivation of Grifola frondosa shows high requirement to water quality, air and other natural environment. According to research, 100g of dried Grifola frondosa are packed with 22.75g of protein, 23.58g of amino acid, and other micro elements. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that Grifola frondosa and its extracts evidently play the role of warding off cancer and virus, enhancing the immune system, lowering the blood pressure, blood sugar and blood fat, thus helping support healthy energy.

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