Pleurotus nebrodensis produced in bottles imply a prosperous future

Aug 23, 2019
Over the years, Shangzhou District, Shangluo City of Shanxi Province positively suits measures to local conditions, relies on environmental resources and vigorously strengthens the development of mushroom industry. Through constant breakthrough of cultivation technology, output value of local mushroom industry is significantly lifted.

“Pleurotus nebrodensis delivers high market value. In the past, Pleurotus nebrodensis used to grow at above 2000 meters of average altitude. After years of exploration and trial cultivation, by now, differences on temperature and region have been overcome while the automatic bottle-mode production pattern has been developed. Now, in our company, annual output on fresh Pleurotus nebrodensis comes to over 4000 tons, products are sold well to Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and other cities in China while they also enjoy good sales in oversea market,” introduces technical staffs working in Shanxi Tianjilong Biotechnology Co., LTD warmly, adding that industrialized (factory-mode) mushroom production is indeed a technical breakthrough in mushroom production. Bottles used for mushroom fruiting could be recycled, which not only saves cost, but also lifts the output.