Chongqing City: Trial Straw mushroom cultivation got succeeded

Aug 13, 2019
As the characteristic mushroom town of Wanzhou District of Chongqing City, recently, a good news was heard from Guocun Town, through ceaseless R&D, trial cultivation on a kind of high-output mushroom variety referring to Straw mushroom has obtained its success, which injects new driving force to the high-quality development of mushroom industry in Guocun Town.

Now, in mushroom room managed by Chongqing Yingzhuan Biotechnology Development Co., LTD, Straw mushrooms are energetically evolving into the maturation.

“In early 2019, through adaptable cultivation in factory, by now, trial cultivation of Straw mushroom has gotten fruitful results. Straw mushrooms are packed with vitamins, amino acids, proteins and they are hence hailed as ‘Kiwifruit of Mushroom’, it is categorized into High-temperature Mushroom Variety which cares for high-temperature and high-humidity conditions,” introduces person in charge of the mushroom factory warmly, adding that raw materials used for Straw mushroom cultivation are abundant and easy-to-get, cultivation technology of Straw mushroom is simple and not difficult to master, hence it is the ideal project for farmers to grow prosperous.
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