Anhui Zhougudui Market: Analysis of Mushroom Price

Aug 06, 2019

According to mushroom quotation provided by Anhui Zhougudui Agricultural Products Wholesale Market, on August 5, White beech mushroom, Brown Shimeji mushroom, King oyster mushroom, Enoki mushroom and Cordyceps militaris are 5 varieties that show price rise.

1.Price of White beech mushroom has risen from 12.5 to 15 CNY per kg, indicating 20% of increase range.

2.Price of Brown Shimeji mushroom has risen from 12.5 to 14.2 CNY per kg, indicating 14% of increase range.

3.Price of King oyster mushroom has risen from 5 to 5.5 CNY per kg, indicating 10% of increase range.

4.Price of Enoki mushroom has risen from 3.8 to 4.3 CNY per kg, indicating 13% of increase range.

5.Price of Cordyceps militaris has risen from 15 to 16 CNY per kg, indicating 7% of increase range.

On the contrary, by August 5, Agrocybe cylindracea, Pleurotus geesteranus, Seafood mushroom, Shiitake mushroom, Button mushroom and Pleurotus nebrodensis are 6 mushroom varieties that show price fall.

1. Price of Agrocybe cylindracea has dropped from 13.8 to 11 CNY per kg, indicating 20% of decline range.

2. Price of Pleurotus geesteranus has dropped from 14.7 to 12.5 CNY per kg, indicating 15% of decline range.

3. Price of Seafood mushroom has dropped from 7 to 6 CNY per kg, indicating 14% of decline range.

4. Price of Shiitake mushroom has dropped from 13 to 12 CNY per kg, indicating 8% of decline range.

5. Price of Button mushroom has dropped from 10 to 8.8 CNY per kg, indicating 12% of decline range.

6. Price of Pleurotus nebrodensis has dropped from 22.4 to 18.8 CNY per kg, indicating 16% of decline range.

“Recently, price of industrialized (factory-mode) mushroom varieties is in varying degrees of increase while price of other varieties also fluctuates at a normal range,” introduces manager of Anhui Zhougudui Agricultural Products Wholesale Market warmly.