Qirun Professional Farmers’ Cooperative: By May, Straw mushroom production could be launched

May 23, 2019
At the end of 2018, in order to positively respond to the call on “pushing the development of mushroom industry, leading the masses to increase incomes and grow rich” raised by party committee government of Pucheng Town of Henan Province, Nanguan Village raised 3.2 million CNY of fund on establishment of Qirun Professional Farmers’ Cooperative, including 20 mushroom greenhouses. On May 23, the cooperative is inputting materials for Straw mushroom production, by the end of this month, formal mushroom production is expected to be launched.

Straw mushroom is categorized into High-temperature Mushroom Variety which cares for high-temperature and high-humidity conditions, growth period for each flush is about 40 days. At present, market price for fresh Straw mushroom is 8-10 CNY per kg, to calculate by the minimum purchase price of 3.1 CNY per kg, the anticipated output value on each greenhouse comes to 12,400 CNY, after deducting a series of costs, the projected profits on each greenhouse hit over 5000 CNY while the estimated revenues on each flush of Straw mushroom come to 100,000 CNY.
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