From wild growing to artificial cultivation, Morel mushrooms open rich door for growers

May 17, 2019
Recently, in mushroom base located in Dulongjiang Village, Gongshan County, Yunnan Province of China, Morel mushrooms are in picking period.

“In the past, wild Morel mushrooms were commonly seen in Dulongjiang Village, Gongshan County while there were no artificially-cultivated Morels. In 2016, the government of Dulongjiang Village began to grasp at the development prospect of Morel mushroom, and help farmers end poverty and increase revenues through Morel mushroom industry. After the successful trial cultivation in 5 mu of area, the technology was then promoted in 2017,” introduces Mr. Luo Qingchun, one of local villagers warmly. “Dulongjiang Village holds moist climate and abundant rainfall which fit for the growth of Morel mushrooms. Now, i contract the farmland that occupies over 20 mu for Morels cultivation. By 2019, the economic benefits are expected to reach 170,000 CNY or so.”
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