Qiandaohu Yingsang Mushroom Cooperative: Plentiful marketing season of Auricularia nigricans sets in

May 15, 2019
On May 15, in Qiandaohu Yingsang Mushroom Cooperative located in Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province of China, Auricularia nigricans are vigorously evolving into the maturation.

“On the basis of last year’s successful trial cropping, this year, we expand the scale to 20,000 sticks, by the end of this year, the expected gross output reaches 20 tons while the anticipated output value comes to 400,000 CNY. While acquiring considerable economic benefits, we also enrich the basket of consumers,” said Mr. Wang Ai’ming, president of Yingsang Cooperative warmly.

Auricularia nigricans (玉木耳) is the new mushroom variety selected and bred by Jilin Agricultural University. Output of Auricularia nigricans is double of that of Black fungus. Up to now, artificial cultivation of Auricularia nigricans has been realized in Jilin, Liaoning, Shandong and other provinces in China, and stable output has been shown on hanging-bag fruiting and wall-pattern fruiting, which indicated broad and bright market prospect.

Auricularia nigricans facilitates enriching the blood, reducing blood clotting, moistening lung and dissolving internal stones. In addition, Auricularia nigricans is also packed with abundant Polysaccharide substances that show high anti-cancer activity. A regular consumption of Auricularia nigricans helps nourish Yin and strengthen Yang, lower blood fat and cholesterol.

In addition, Auricularia nigricans carries high content of dietary fiber, thus promoting the gastrointestinal peristalsis and digestive absorption.
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