July 21, 2019


Bottle-mode King oyster mushroom production yields handsome export sales

Apr 29, 2019

On April 28, in automatic production workshop managed by Hunan Guoxiu Food Co., LTD, King oyster mushrooms grow well in bottles.

“Compared with the general way that refers to bag-mode cultivation, we grow King oyster mushrooms in bottles and collect agricultural wastes such as corn stalk, bean stalk, corncob, sawdust and wheat bran as raw materials. By modern biotechnology, mushroom wastes can be reused as organic fertilizers,” introduces Mr. Chen Sheng, vice general manager of Hunan Guoxiu Food Co., LTD. “Daily output capacity on fresh King oyster mushrooms comes to 100,000 bottles, daily fruiting volume reaches 20 tons or so, mushrooms gain popularity by consumers in Spain, Italy, Germany, USA, Canada and other countries. In 2018, export sales on King oyster mushroom totaled over 10 million USD in Guoxiu Company.”