It is the fruiting management time of Grifola frondosa in Qingyuan County, Zhejiang Province

Apr 22, 2019

Now, Grifola frondosa cultivated in Nongchuangke Baigu Garden of Qingyuan County, Zhejiang Province of China are in peak fruiting season, growers are busy with fruiting management.

“In standardized greenhouse, temperature, humidity, ventilation, illumination and other factors are well controlled, which promotes the stable growth of Grifola frondosa while further enhancing the quality,” introduces Mr. Liu Qingfu, principal of Baigu Garden warmly, going on that during the fruiting time, temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide should be well controlled so that Grifola frondosa thrive.

Grifola frondosa is categorized into a kind of edible and rare mushroom, and its cultivation shows high requirement to water quality, air and other natural environment. Now, Qingyuan County annually outputs over 20 million logs of Grifola frondosa, annual output reaches 1500 tons while output value comes to over 300 million CNY.

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