August 25, 2019


Special report was made on 2019 China Mushroom New Products and Technology Expo

Apr 04, 2019
During 27-29 April, 2019 China (Sanmenxia) International Mushroom New Products and Technology Expo was successfully held in Sanmenxia International Exhibition and Convention Center.

On the morning of 28, March, report on “Development Status and Future Trend of Mushroom Industry in Henan Province of China” was splendidly made by Mr. Zhang Yuting, researcher working in Academy of Agricultural Sciences of Henan Province.

“As the key province for planting and breeding industry, Henan Province occupies the crucial strategic position in China. Within the province, output of mushroom, wheat and peanut ranks the first in China, mushroom growing sits in the fourth place in planting and breeding industry while mushroom output and output value of Henan Province have been standing first on China’s list for consecutive 15 years,” introduces Mr. Zhang Yuting warmly. “In 2017, gross mushroom output amounted to 5.191 million tons in Henan Province, which accounted for 13.9% of that of China. And, the same year, gross output value reached 38.74 billion CNY, which occupied 14.2% of that of China.”
In addition, after years of endeavors, by now, 14 standardized mushroom bases have been built in Henan Province, 7 scientific research achievements regarding Shiitake mushroom, Oyster mushroom, Button mushroom and other varieties have been made while 28 fine demonstration mushroom varieties have been introduced to the province.
China International Mushroom New Products and Technology Expo sponsored by China Edible Mushroom Business Net has been successfully held for over 18 times. With the expo philosophy of “Practicable, High-efficiency and Down-to-earth”, it vigorously helps build up the exchange platform of mushroom production and marketing, and broaden distribution channels for Chinese and oversea mushroom merchants.
To see from various data, this time of expo has reached historical breakthrough, number of visitors amounted to 20,000 person-time while transaction volume came to 1 billion CNY. Besides, over 2000 new mushroom products were exhibited by at least 200 Chinese enterprises.
Although this time of expo has come to an end, intentional transaction and cooperation are still ongoing. China Edible Mushroom Business Net (CEMBN) is going to move ahead, implement the exchange service between mushroom enterprises and further promote the transformation and upgrading of Chinese Mushroom Industry. Meanwhile, we also propose to summarize valuable experiences in depth, integrate the resources and upgrade the annual grand expo into the one that highlights international influence.